Prof Jo Cable

Jo is a Professor of Parasitology as well as Head of Organisms and Environment Division in the School of Biosciences. It was during her first degree in Biological Sciences at Westfield College, University of London, that Jo became interested in parasitology. Her PhD research at Queen Mary College, University of London, focused on the ecological adaptations of monogenean parasites. After two post-doctoral positions at the MRC in Nottingham and the University of Bristol, she moved to Cardiff in 1999 to work on a range of projects concerned with host-parasite interactions, particularly monogenean reproduction and, more recently, population genetics.  Now, as Chair of Parasitology in the School, her work focuses on host-parasite dynamics and the ecosystem impacts of invasive species. Majority of her research (in silico, in vitro and in vivo) is based on aquatic systems, particularly fish parasites, which affect host behaviour, growth and performance, but she also works on water-borne human pathogens and zoonotic infections. Identifying the factors that drive parasite transmission and spread of invasive species has direct applications for animal and human health, sustainable food sources and the pet trade. Key research methodologies involved in her research are experimental parasitology, cell culture and imaging, host genetic diversity, behaviour and parasite resistance as well as parasite molecular taxonomy and epidemiology. Email: /