Undergraduate Research Experience Placements (REPs) Scheme

The NERC Research Experience Placement (REP) scheme is intended to encourage students to consider a career in the environmental sciences through funding to support paid summer placements for undergraduate students. Students will carry out research projects within the environmental sciences and should express an interest in pursuing an environmental sciences career.

We particularly welcome applications from student groups that are typically underrepresented within the Higher Education pathways. These could include (but are not limited to) students from ethnic minorities, those with a disability or from low-income backgrounds.

Research Experience Placements for 2024 (full project information can be found here):

  1. The new plastic age: assessing the claims of degradability and ecotoxicology of bioplastics in freshwaters.
  2. Roadkill as sentinels for zoonotic disease.
  3. Reeling in the risks: Assessing the non-target effects of pesticides using a freshwater fish model system.
  4. Male reproductive health in Eurasian otters.
  5.  eDNA quantification of fish pathogens.
  6. From birds to bovines: identifying Mycobacteria in the shared farm environment.

What do I need to know about the Research Experience Placement (REP) Scheme?

  • The OneZoo CDT can offer a maximum of 6 Research Experience Placements each year across our partner institutions (Cardiff University, Aberystwyth University, Queen’s University Belfast and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).
  • Please note not all our partner institutions are able to host placements and those partners which do host placements may vary from year to year. The number of placements we are able to offer will also vary each year dependent on the allocation we receive from NERC.
  • Projects are advertised internally in those of our partner institutions who are hosting placements. However, our ambition for 2024 is to advertise all placements on onezoo.uk and through the host institutions standard internal advertisement platforms.
  • The interview and selection process will be undertaken by the host institution, who will notify the successful candidate and put in place the arrangements for the placement. Please check with the host institution for timescales and deadlines.
  • Successful candidates will commence their REPs after the end of the undergraduate summer term 2024.
  • Duration of the placements will be 6 weeks and may be carried out on a full-time or part-time basis (some projects).
  • It is a requirement that all successful candidates complete an online report at the end of their placement.
  • Students will be paid the National Living Wage rate and where necessary receive a contribution towards research and training expenses of up to £500 during the placement. There are no further funds available for relocation or living expenses.

General Eligibility of participating undergraduate students

Students are subject to eligibility criteria to be able to apply for NERC REPs and must be:

  1. Undertaking their first undergraduate degree studies (or integrated Masters).

Note: students in their final year who have graduated and no longer have student status at the time of the placement start are not eligible.


  1. Eligible for subsequent NERC PhD funding (see the relevant text in the UKRI Terms and Conditions for Training Grants and associated guidance for further information).

More information for the scheme can be found here: https://www.ukri.org/what-we-do/developing-people-and-skills/nerc/nerc-studentships/funding-for-nerc-studentships/undergraduate-research-experience-placements-reps/