Supervisors of the projects will be required to nominate their preferred and reserve candidate to OneZoo having shortlisted against the following criteria:

  1. Why the student is keen to pursue a zoonoses PhD?
  2. What experience they have of relevant research and interdisciplinary work?
  3. Whether they have the necessary personal and academic skills to complete their PhD project
  4. Whether the OneZoo CDT is suited to the student and is likely to best contribute to their career.

Nominated candidates will be interviewed by a central CDT interview panel, which aims to have representation from each University and some of our research partners.

The interviews, application form and supervisor report will all contribute to the panel’s considerations for allocating studentships. The Management Board will allocate studentships based primarily on candidate quality ranking and student choice, but also taking account of the scientific strategy of the CDT, ensuring balance across themes and strategic skills (see para 26).