Project proposals should be approved at institutional level before being submitted to the CDT. This will be a light-touch screening, primarily to ensure the supervisor/School/Dept. has the operational capacity and the supervisory team satisfies the local supervisory regulations. You will be asked to check a box on the application form to confirm you have received institutional approval before submission of your project proposal e.g. from a OneZoo CDT co-director/Head of School/Faculty.

Project screening will be made on the basis of scientific and training excellence, and alignment with the strategic priorities of the CDT and will be scored against the following criteria:

1.The suitability of the OneZoo supervisory team namely as regards track record and access to facilities

2. The suitability of the research project in terms of fitness to the OneZoo priority areas, clear question defined, originality and/or significance and feasibility

3. Consideration of EDI for the student, supervisory team and the research discipline

In preparing project proposals, supervisors may also want to make reference to the following: UKRI Statement of Expectations, NERC Success Criteria for Training

UKRI Call for this bid: https://www.ukri.org/opportunity/centre-for-doctoral-training-environmental-solutions-to-zoonoses/