Training details will be provided on the CDT website. In addition, please see an extract from the CDT bid available as a download from the website. Please note: engagement with the CDT training programme is compulsory for both students and the supervisory team. Continued sponsorship is contingent on that engagement.

Please note that one of the main differences between a studentship in a CDT or DTP and a standalone PhD is that there is a substantial amount of cohort training in competencies and broader skills sets than the student may need for their individual project. This is delivered to students as a group, which also helps the building of a cohesive and supportive community of researchers. Thus, training and cohort building events are mandatory for students to attend. Supervisors should recognise this and be supportive of students spending time away from their own research. Therefore, at the first progress monitoring or upgrade point, supervisors need to take account of the fact that as a result of this additional training, CDT students may not have achieved as much in terms of their project outcomes as may traditionally be expected of non-CDT students.