Each studentship will include an RTSG (Research Training Support Grant) as a contribution toward basic consumables and training. NERC notionally allocates £11,000 per student . As set out in the bid, the OneZoo CDT is offering 3.5 year full-time and 7 year part-time studentships, with the first 12 months involving cohort training no matter the mode of attendance (full or part time). The CDT will therefore retain and centrally manage £2,750 of each student’s RTSG to help cover their cohort training expenses.

The remaining fund of £8,250 per student is a contribution towards the research, training and development costs of the student, over the lifetime of the project. Project proposals should outline how the research costs will be met whilst leaving sufficient funds for activities such as conference attendance, overseas opportunities, workshops, advanced training and travel to development opportunities etc. The RTSG can be used for the purchase of laptops, or as a contribution towards the cost of a laptop, if standard provision is not considered adequate.

Note that there are specific rules governing the use of RTSG funds, which cannot be used to purchase consumables or equipment which would normally be expected to be provided by the institution.